Will Artificial Turf Stay Green?

One common question with artificial turf installation is if the turf fades. As the artificial turf is installed in open air, it is, more often than not, exposed to direct heat from the sun, especially UV radiation. Jack’s Turf is made with built-in UV protection, which allows it to sustain its color despite the dramatic […]

Care Tips For Your Artificial Grass

To ensure maximum lifespan for your artificial grass, a little care from you is necessary. Here are few tips to cleaning your lawn and keeping it looking its best. Getting rid of stains Artificial grass is resistant to stains. However, you’d want to act as quickly as possible before the stains set. Otherwise, removing will […]

The Benefits on Buying Artificial Grass Over Real

The use of synthetic turf is ever increasing, as more homeowners desire the look and feel of always green, low maintenance grass. The cost of all the water, equipment, labor and lawn care chemicals that comes along with…

Keeping Your Synthetic Grass Clean

Artificial grass is about as maintenance free as you can get with it comes to your property. Even still, you’re going to find yourself tending to it from time to time if you want to…