7 Ways Artificial Turf Takes Back Control of Your Life

It’s hard to let go of the lawn you’ve had for years. But if it’s causing you more pain than joy, then it’s time to consider a more efficient alternative. Artificial turfs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Your neighbors have probably switched to it too. If you’re still thinking if this choice is right […]

4 Tips to Choosing a Reliable Artificial Turf Installation Company

With the challenges brought about by the historic drought, artificial turf has served as a smart landscape solution for Southern California homeowners. It’s easy to find companies offering artificial turf installation services. The tough part comes in choosing which one to trust. Here are few tips on how you can identify those that can deliver […]

Is Artificial Grass A Good Choice?

The debate between using natural and artificial grass is ongoing, but I will be the first to admit that I have grown partial to going artificial. Why? Simply put, the benefits with artificial turf are far greater with the natural stuff. Look at these two photos and then ask yourself, which one is artificial? The […]

The Benefits on Buying Artificial Grass Over Real

The use of synthetic turf is ever increasing, as more homeowners desire the look and feel of always green, low maintenance grass. The cost of all the water, equipment, labor and lawn care chemicals that comes along with…

How to Choose Your No Mow Lawn Grass

Year after year, it can become tiresome to keep your lawn and garden in the perfect condition. If you are sick of maintaining your grass, then it’s high time you…