Artificial Turf for Redesigning Your Front Yard

For long, you’ve dreamed of a perfect front yard – that which would impress your neighbors and guests. Of course that meant including a green lawn.

owever, with California facing a severe drought, a thirsty landscape is no longer tolerable. Even as the rainy season comes, the drought will persist. Hence, it’s essential to continue reducing water use in your yard.

Redesigning your front yard with artificial turf is one way you can cut back on water usage. Your front yard will no longer have to go brown. It can keep its rich green color, without the need for tedious maintenance.

How Much Water Do Lawns Use

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American family spends 320 gallons of water a day, with 30 percent of which accounting for outdoor use. Out of that 30 percent, more than half goes to landscape irrigation. Nationwide, this amount of residential water use corresponds to almost 9 billion gallons every day.

With artificial turf, you can skip using your sprinklers as this does not require irrigation to thrive. You can say goodbye to dragging around a hose around your yard on weekend mornings. Installed properly, an artificial grass can serve you as long as 15 years. You’re able to save water all while keeping your front yard looking fantastic.

Front Yard Landscaping with Artificial Turf

Laying artificial turf on your yard comes with several benefits. Today’s artificial turf is now more realistic. You can even choose a turf style, depending on the look and feel you want.

Design opportunities abound. Use stones for your pathway leading to the front door and surround it with artificial turf. This creates a balance between the hardscapes and soft greens in your yard. Whether you want concrete pavers or go for a natural look with flagstones, artificial turf is sure to complement these stone steps.

If you’re planning to add outdoor furniture in your front yard, then the artificial turf can also serve as as your carpet. Regardless the weight of the furniture, the turf will be able to handle it. You will not have to worry about bald spots. There’s no need to move your furniture as well as no mowing is necessary.

Installation also does not end in your front yard alone. Whether it’s on the sides or at the backyard of your home, narrow spaces, shady or sunny areas, the artificial turf will sustain its beauty with minimal upkeep.