Where Else Can Artificial Grass Be Used

In our previous post, we talked about artificial turf use in pool decks. Now let’s take a look at the unconventional ways this landscaping material is used nowadays.

The artificial grass is known for its visual appeal and for being low-maintenance. It’s even better than real grass in several ways, and can do a great job helping you cut back on expenses in the long-run.

Forget about bald spots, mowing, trimming, and watering. Your lawn is bound to stay green and look good year round.Because of these qualities, the artificial grass has found its way to other indoor or outdoor spaces. It’s no longer used only as replacement for live grass.

Patio or Porch

Have you ever wanted an inviting outdoor living space?

The artificial grass lends an outdoor space a relaxing atmosphere. The green surface looks immaculate year round and can be combined to work with other landscaping elements such as pavers.

Since these two areas are likely to attract foot traffic, the artificial grass becomes even more ideal for use. It can stand heavy foot traffic and can even serve as carpet for your outdoor furniture.

The soft surface feels good under your feet; you wouldn’t mind staying awhile without shoes on.


Artificial turf can indeed go as far as your design ideas can – even in a balcony in a condominium or apartment unit.

Even without a yard, the artificial turf can still be put to use. It will look good regardless the size of the area. If you’re tired of the usual cement floor on your balcony, you can try artificial turf.

You can convert a balcony to a small garden by adding potted or hanging plants. Or you can also place a compact furniture for a seating area so lounging around would feel even more comfortable.

Internal Office Spaces

If you want a piece of nature in your workspace or at least anything that feels as such, then artificial turf can help get that design idea work out.

Instead of going for the ordinary carpet, offices are now switching to artificial grass as it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room, it also makes the ambience more relaxed and peaceful.

It’s beneficial especially in an area where people tend to be occupied and fleeting. The artificial grass inside the office is a breath of fresh air.

Children’s bedroom

Artificial turf is also used in home interiors, thanks to its extreme durability.

It works great for children’s bedrooms because of its soft and cushioned and can even serve as a shock absorber. If it’s effective in an outdoor play place, then it could also perform well in the indoor play area.

Custom turf installation

Flexible and cost-effective, artificial turf takes designing outdoor and indoor spaces to a whole new level. Your options are limitless – turf installation can be customized to suit your style and the project location.