Make Play Time for Kids More Fun with Artificial Turf

As parents, you want your kids to have fun outdoors as other children do. Creating a space in your yard where they could start exploring on their own is a gift you’d always be willing to give them.

At Jack’s Turf, we understand that safety is an utmost concern for parents. Our new artificial turf is made based on the technology of carpet manufacturing. It’s definitely far from the fake grass first developed in 1950s.

Today’s turf is a blend of synthetic fibers tightly meshed together to create a surface that feels soft and springy as though you’re walking on real grass.

Here’s a closer look at each of Jack’s Turf high grade products.

Artificial grass offers a safe play surface for your young ones. The secure environment allows kids to enjoy being kids. It makes for a soft landing surface so you will not have to worry about the young ones scraping their knees or getting hurt from tripping.

Your playtime with kids, including your four-legged family member, will now be stress-free.

Rain wouldn’t stop you from playing in the yard because the ground wouldn’t turn muddy. You can keep peace of mind knowing there’s no carpet stains you will have to deal with.

Even if your kids invite their playmates to your home, you can trust that the fake grass has your back covered. It can handle heavy foot traffic and so you will not have to feel anxious about brown bald spots collecting standing water.

At night as you hang out with your kids in your garden, you will not have to dread the thought of insects flying up at you in your every step. The artificial grass doesn’t breed mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying insects like organic grass does.

Our low maintenance artificial turf allows you to spend less time caring for your lawn, and more time bonding with the kids.

If you feel your lawn needs an artificial turf makeover today, please feel free to get in touch with us. Simply fill out our free estimate form so we can get back to you. Let’s talk about creating your ideal play place for the little ones.

We can visit you, take a look at your project, maybe talk to the kids too (unless this is a little surprise you’re cooking for them), and give you a cost estimate. We’d like to make the turf installation easy for you as we did for all our happy customers.