Landscaping Ideas with Synthetic Turf

landscaping with jack's turf

Synthetic grass does not only offer several benefits, it can also be styled in many ways. Here are few ideas how you can make it work for your landscape.

Carpet for Your Outdoor Furniture
Thinking of moving your furniture out in the open air? Artificial turf can handle that.

If you want to enjoy dining al fresco or take your favorite wicker couch outside, that’s okay. Even if you’d like to move around your furniture every time, the grass will not get damaged.

You also will not have to worry about moving back in your furniture for mowing, because this grass doesn’t require that tedious chore.

Artificial turf also doesn’t stay damp like live grass does. Not to mention, it also makes for a comfortable underfoot because it’s soft to touch. Even your pooch will love resting on its surface.

Right Next to Your Patio
Picture your artificial turf beautifully laid next to a wooden deck or paved patio. It looks natural and will also stay green, year-round. Even if you’re working on a limited space or a shaded area, an artificial turf will still do well.

Putting Green
If you want your own putting green right in your backyard, then try artificial turf.

You no longer have leave home when you’re in a mood for play. You can also keep peace of mind knowing that the area wouldn’t turn muddy even if it rains.

Tropical Garden Oasis
Surround your artificial turf with colorful blooms and lush drought-tolerant foliage. Or, place bamboo and potted palms in the corner areas. And then, add a contemporary feel to your garden by installing paving stones in irregular sizes.

Drought-tolerant plants require minimal upkeep and so does the artificial turf. You will not have to worry about mowing as it retains its height. Your guests might even mistake it for a real grass. There’s not much difference after all with the way they look.

Landscaping with synthetic turf is definitely possible. And it would be all the more easier if you’d work with professional turf installation companies. If you need more information how artificial turf could complement your outdoor space, simply leave us a message and we’ll get back to you.