11 Places to Install Artificial Turf

Where grass can’t grow, artificial turf will most likely do just fine. Shady areas, narrow spaces, vertical lawns – it can go as far as your design ideas can.

Here are 11 interesting ideas where you can install an artificial turf on. You might want to try it in your home too.

1. Play area. Soft, cushioned play surface for kids that need little maintenance. That which has the ability to handle little toes constantly running and jumping around.

2. Between stones. An interesting way to make your paving look all the more elegant.

3. Walls. Dressed in green, who knew walls could look so refreshing.

4. Pet quarter. You know how much your dog loves the outdoor. How about letting your dearest pooch have his very own lush lawn then without you worrying about additional upkeep?

5. Around the pool. No annoying mud. Just soft green grass right next to another favorite feature in your outdoor living space.

6. With drought tolerant plants. Balanced look for your very own garden. Ground beautifully covered in artificial turf. Around it are plant boxes or raised planters housing water-resistant foliage. Another perfect spot to relax the afternoon away.

7. Deck and patio. Bring in a twist to the traditional outdoor receiving area.

8. Steps. Adorn your backyard terraces with artificial turf. It can double as a comfortable seating spot where both adults and kids would love to spend time.

9. Around trees. Let your artificial turf blend with nature. Surround your old, huge backyard trees with grass that’s bound to stay green, year round. Now you can really sit under the tree with your favorite read and not worry about stains sticking on your clothes.

10. Walkway. A walk from the entrance to your front door or from one outdoor amenity to the other can be made interesting. Stepping stone pavers surrounded by lush synthetic grass, or an artificial turf flawlessly laid in a sexy curve could make a simple but nonetheless gorgeous addition to your outdoor oasis.

11. Balcony. Turn your balcony into an extension of your outdoor living space with an artificial grass that’s soft to touch.

If you have ideas where you want your artificial turf installed and wonder if you can make them come to life in your own yard, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to be of help.