7 Ways Artificial Turf Takes Back Control of Your Life

It’s hard to let go of the lawn you’ve had for years. But if it’s causing you more pain than joy, then it’s time to consider a more efficient alternative.

Artificial turfs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Your neighbors have probably switched to it too. If you’re still thinking if this choice is right for you, check out this list of how synthetic grass lawns can help you get your life back.

1. Freeing yourself of maintenance work
If you’re the hands-on grass yard owner, you know very well what routine maintenance looks like – tools eating up space in your garage and weekends dedicated solely for mowing and cleaning. If you prefer hiring a gardener instead, you spare yourself of the labor but not the steep maintenance cost. Artificial turf requires minimal upkeep. You get to steer clear of the tedious work and indulge in easy Saturday mornings.

2. Staying in bed longer
Mornings are the best time to water your lawn so you will not have to compete with evaporation. But really, how comforting is it knowing you will not have to set your alarm the next day just so you can water your turf? It’s a weekend after all. It should be yours to enjoy.

3. Spending more time with kids
Save your energy from all the maintenance work and use it to bond with the little ones instead. The artificial grass today is far from the first fake grass introduced to us in 1960s. Kids love it as it feels soft. Also, children allergic to grass will now have the chance to run around a green lawn as artificial grass turf does not cause allergies.

4. Letting dogs have fun
Now you don’t have to worry about cleaning after muddy prints your dogs leave. With artificial turf, their pad will not have to be covered with dirt. Also, they will enjoy playing in the soft surface. Not to mention, you will not have to deal with patches of standing water in your lawn.

5. Getting rid of a guilty pleasure
With the dwindling water resources and traditional lawns requiring thousands of gallons of water a year, moving to artificial turf gives you peace of mind knowing you’re taking action. You still get to enjoy a lawn, minus the watering requirements.

6. Enjoying a green lawn, year-round
Your lawn has served as your very own outdoor living oasis. With artificial turf, your lawn stays green and looks fresh year-round. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh summer months, and tough winter days.

7. Saving money
Live lawn turf wouldn’t survive without water. And it also wouldn’t look after itself. Your errands add up and so does your water bill, especially during summer when watering has to be done twice daily.

Every year, households spend between 32,000 to 56,000 gallons of water just to keep their traditional lawn looking good. Imagine how much water you can save when you no longer have to water your lawn. That’s money you can use for something more worthwhile.

Artificial turf installation costs around $8 per square foot, but that’s a one-time investment you get to regain from water savings, reduced maintenance costs and most important, time you earn for yourself and your loved ones.