Is Artificial Grass A Good Choice?

The debate between using natural and artificial grass is ongoing, but I will be the first to admit that I have grown partial to going artificial. Why? Simply put, the benefits with artificial turf are far greater with the natural stuff.

Look at these two photos and then ask yourself, which one is artificial?


The answer is, the one on the left is not real grass. So other than the turf looking just as natural as, well the natural grass, what other benefits can we name? We asked the folks over at Jack’s Turf a couple of questions on why homeowners should tear out their sod and go with their artificial turf.

The first benefit mentioned is water conservation. For those of you in California, then you know that saving the water supply is crucial right now. The average square footage of grass per house is around 750 square feet, and by replacing that space with artificial turf you can save about 56,000 gallons of water per year. Now think about how much money you will save every year by not using that water.

Still not quite convinced? Then think about all the time spent on maintenance. Who really likes getting up on Saturday morning to do chores? Not me, thats for sure. By going with artificial turf you cut out all of the work of mowing, re-seeding, and fertilizing your lawn. Instead you can sleep in and enjoy your weekend again.

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