How to Choose Your No Mow Lawn Grass

Year after year, it can become tiresome to keep your lawn and garden in the perfect condition.

If you are sick of maintaining your grass, then it’s high time you consider artificial turf.  Step into the future with your no mow – no water artificial grass installation

Not only can artificial grass save you money, but offers you several other benefits in one home improvement. 

Maintenance of your lawn can be expensive, and it just never end… with artificial grass, there is no maintenance! 

Bid your lawnmower and other maintenance supplies farewell. Fake grass lets you kick back and enjoy your lawn.


Recover your Relaxing Weekend with Money Saving Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is easy to install!  Begin by receiving free estimates and layout advice from your local artificial grass turf installer.  Getting estimates and quotes are an important part of installation, so you can get a better understanding of the right artificial grass for your family and also your budget. 

Experts at installing the no mow lawn can help you understand the different types of artificial grass, the best solution for your budget proper layout and design techniques, and any other questions you might have about the entire process.

Determine your Budget and Work Within It

The cost of installing artificial grass depending on the size of your yard. Because of this you will want to predetermine the budget of your project prior to phoning a team of installers to your home. Although you have an initial cost, over a few years fake grass will have paid for itself. 

Without the need to water the grass, your water consumption will greatly reduce.  You will no longer have the gardener expense or the gas expense for the lawnmower. You will still need to figure out the total budget for this project before you begin.

Request Full Estimates

When you are speaking with the installation company, confirm the final price is what you will have to pay for your fake grass. 

Many times the quoted price may not include tax, installation or other hidden fee’s.  Find out whether the price also includes a warranty on the product as well as the installation (if a corner pulls up, for example). 

Confirm the prices of installation or special fee’s for difficult areas (around a playground, for example) to be sure there are no hidden surprises.  Get complete cost estimates and check for a guarantee on the artificial grass installation.

Determine the Type of Turf Needed

Just like any product, there are many different types of artificial grass available on the market. Every type has its own specific application, benefits to use and in rare instances some disadvantages.

Research the various types of turf and understand the different usage recommendations prior to installation. Some fake grass is ideal for playing fields and others are perfect for your home landscaping.