What to Expect from Your Artificial Grass Lawn

There are a lot of benefits in replacing your existing lawn with artificial turf. How does the thought of not having to water or mow the lawn sound?  You will not have any more high water bills from those hot blistery days! 

No more gasoline or sore arms from pulling the lawnmower cord to get it to start!  Day after day, and year after year, your lawn of synthetic turf will look impeccable with little maintenance.

Depending on where you live, the new artificial grass lawn will need little or no washing. It is kind of like a car with the weather elements. If you have a lot of dust and little rain fall, then you will be washing it more often. 

The collection of dust, mud and dirt will have to be removed.  Regular cycles of rain through the season may do this job for you.

If you happen to live in a dry area, then washing or rinsing needs to be done every month.  With a hose, you can rinse the debris, leaving the synthetic turf lawn looking like the day you purchased it. 

After rinsing off the synthetic turf make sure that no one walks on it until it is completely dried out.  Perhaps doing the rinsing in the morning will allow the lawn to be fully dry with the sun on it through the day.

What to Expect from Your Artificial Grass Lawn

Having pets on your grass will mean immediate cleaning.  Just like a normal lawn it is typical for a dog to urinate and defecate on it.  Hopefully, you will see when this happens for prompt cleaning.

If the lawn is not cleaned promptly, then the waste may adhere to the gallery artificial grass fibers of the lawn. 

Once this happens bacteria will set in and the cleaning process will be over bearing.  After the removal of the waste, sanitize the area with disinfectant.

Any trees that bare their leaves can also call for cleaning.  The leaves, depending on their color, may stain the blades of grass if they are left on it for a long period of time.  The best way of removing them is with a leaf blower so no damage is done to the synthetic turf lawn.

Stains can come from anywhere such as; oil, blood, chewing gum, soot, ink and a lot more.  As with pets, it is better if you do the cleaning right away.  Using a cleaning agent that will not discolor the lawn is the best.

Test out a small piece from the synthetic turf lawn you have left over after the installation.  Doing this before the stain occurs will cause less stress down the road.  Using pressure and the proper cleaning agent will return your lawn of artificial grass back to its glorious state.

With any stain, try using warm water and detergent first.  Rubbing the synthetic grass with a semi rough cloth will also help with the removal of unwanted stains.  With blood stains, you can use warm water, detergent and salt.  Try all of these mixtures out on a piece of synthetic grass ahead of time.

With periodic cleaning of your artificial grass, it will last you for years and years.