Artificial Turf Helps Save 640 Million Gallons of Water

Water Savings with Artificial Turf

California’s savvy consumers, negotiating the challenges of water shortages, low rainfall and increased concerns over pollution are turning more and more to artificial grass materials to answer their landscape needs.

Over 20 million square feet of artificial turf and synthetic grass were installed as lawns, landscaping solutions for slopes, leisure sports areas, putting greens, and small play areas – not at schools and parks – but in California front and backyards!

State and local water districts see the advantages – their use studies show findings that report an average family of 4, with approximately 1000 square feet of irrigated lawn, will probably consume between 32,000 and 56,000 gallons of water on the lawn per year.

That doesn’t sound like much until you start adding up the tens of thousands of homes that make up that consumption in a typical metropolitan water district’s.

Using the water district’s average use per year and multiplying that by the amount of installed artificial grass Californians invested into their landscaping, a whopping 640 MILLION gallons of water has been saved, made available to other uses in the community!

Artificial turf has been traditionally installed as synthetic putting greens and now, because the products are so life-like and natural looking, more and more consumers are using synthetic turf as “synthetic sod” for faux lawns, dog kennels, erosion control, dust reduction, grey water management and many other solutions.

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