Fake Grass Fit for any Breed Pooch

If you’re a dog lover and you’ve been considering an installation of Jack’s Artificial Turf, then you’ve probably wondered just how safe the product is for animals – particularly man’s best friend. The answer is quite simply “yes”.

Fake grass is safe for pets of all sizes, species and breeds. While there are a variety of reasons for the installation of fake grass, many pet owners install it specifically because they have a dog.

If you have an energetic dog, then you’ve likely got a pup that likes to run. Energetic breeds, like the Husky or a Dalmatian, can quickly wear down live grass.

The result is unsightly bare patches that quickly turn into mud pits when it rains leaving you with standing water that attracts insects.

Synthetic grass restores the tranquility of your yard, as it can withstand any breed of animal. Regardless of their energy levels, dogs will have an extremely difficult time dealing damage to quality synthetic turf.

We can’t bear to see our animals left standing in the rain but it’s painful to let a wet animal in the house because you know their little pads are covered in mud and dirt. With the elimination of standing water and mud, you no longer have to worry about muddy prints all over your patio, porch and especially in the house.

Artificial grass won’t wear down in the areas where your dog loves to run, and when it does rain, the constant form and texture of fake grass will act like a natural scrubby for your dog’s feet.

Even low-energy breeds like to dig from time to time. Often to pursue odors or bury an odor they have discovered that they disapprove of. Artificial grass is extremely porous, as well as antimicrobial.

Any odors that do find their way onto the surface will be rapidly shed from the surface. If your dog does try to dig into the fake grass, he won’t get far. Artificial turf is designed to withstand extreme sports, so it will survive your pooch just fine.

Not only will artificial grass clean up easily when you dog relieves himself, it won’t fade or discolor because of animal urine. Large pieces of waste will have to be removed just like in your natural yard, but smaller bits can be washed down into the grass.

Due to the antibacterial/antimicrobial nature of fake grass and the porous design, the excrement will quickly wash away naturally.

There are many benefits to installing synthetic turf for your animals. If you have any concern that your animal won’t take to it – don’t worry. Many pet owners have stated that their dogs treat it as if it were natural grass and either don’t know the difference or simply don’t care.

After all, if your dog can romp, play and sleep on the carpet in your house then he will certainly do so, on the beautiful new artificial turf covering your property.