Which Artificial Grass Turf is Right for my Lawn?


Artificial turf comes in a variety of styles that include various blade shapes and colors.

You can choose between artificial grass turf that resembles a number of actual species of grass allowing you to customize your artificial turf to your location, and creating a natural looking lawn that is inconspicuous other than its constant green despite weather and the lack of watering and maintenance.

This will allow you to choose a lawn cover that fits in with the lawns around yours or one that stands out, but compliments your space in a way that you like. You may find that just as each artificial grass turf has a slightly different appearance, each species design of artificial turf also has a slightly different feel.

While some artificial turf lawns aren’t intended to walk on, many are and trying out a turf in this way before you choose isn’t a bad idea.

One simple way you can begin to choose your artificial turf is to choose a turf of the same species as the lawns that surround the one you are planning to install artificial turf on. Not all companies refer to their product with the name of a species, but may offer options that allow customization based on blade shape and color.

Artificial grass turf can supply you with the look that you want three hundred and sixty-five days a year so take care to choose the look that you want. If you are considering artificial grass turf with the intention of creating a space where there will be foot traffic including pets you may want to give consideration to more than the look of the grass.

You may want to consider the feel of the artificial turf. It may be possible to find an artificial turf that can supply both the look and feel that you want in a lawn cover. Determining how much foot traffic there will be can help to ensure you choose an artificial turf that is suitable and can withstand the wear that is put on it.

Finding out about the area that you plan to place the artificial turf is an essential step in choosing a suitable artificial grass turf for your location. Learn about the other grass in the area and the specifics of the space that you will be placing the artificial turf on. Some characteristics of the specific space that will be important to know are moisture and drainage, slope, traffic and some others.

If you have any doubts or questions you should consult a professional. Making a good choice can result in a fitting cover that will last for years to come, so ask lots of questions and research the details of artificial turf also.

After choosing a turf and learning about the installation process you’ll likely want to opt for professional installation. Learn as much as you can before you proceed. Whether you are considering performing the installation yourself or not simply having knowledge can help to prepare you for the process ahead.