The Natural World of Fake Grass

It can be difficult for some people to accept the concept of artificial grass on their property.  Heck, some people don’t even like it in their neighborhood. It seems that to them, having plastic on your lawn is an affront to proper landscaping.

It defies the natural laws of beauty, and goes against Mother Nature. The audacity!  When you step back and consider the big picture though, organic grass is more unnatural than any artificial turf you would ever install.

The Natural World of Fake Grass

Consider what grass really is and how we use it.  Natural grass actually grows wild in fields and meadows. It is never mowed or irrigated.

The fact of the matter is that a natural lawn is about as unnatural as you can get and is a violent slap in the face to Mother Nature. Far more so than any fake grass that could be installed around your pool.

Just because a plant is alive, has roots and is thriving does not mean that it is:  beneficial to your homes environment, natural to the area or organic by traditional means.

“Natural” refers to a state of being that requires no control, no interruption or interactions, no chemicals – it means it is self-sustaining and thriving. Wild grass is natural. It grows as tall as it needs to and blows in the wind.

No controlling, no chemicals and no transplanting. It lives off the natural water of the world. It grows anywhere it wants to, when it wants to, through any unnatural structure it can push through. That means it can also push through to your property from nearby wild fields, or poorly tended yards. It can push into your driveway, and go everywhere you don’t want it to be.

That’s the beauty of fake grass though. It will never be considered a weed because it has the perfect manners. It won’t ever go anywhere other than where you tell it to be.

Fake grass is sterile. No grass seed, no naughty nightly excursions to the neighbor’s yard for some rough and tumble. Your artificial grass is sophisticated, behaves itself, and makes you look good.

You neighbor’s grass on the other hand is the equivalent of a naughty monkey, and won’t keep to itself. Thankfully, due to the way fake grass is installed neighboring grass will never infiltrate your artificial turf. The density of the infill makes sure of that.

You can ensure that your environment is safe for those around you as well because you won’t ever need to put a drop of pesticide on your synthetic grass. No fertilizer, no weed killer.

It has been scientifically proven that fake grass is completely sustainable in the original form, in all its lush beauty, without chemicals ever being used to maintain it. If organic means never using a chemical – Then welcome to your organic artificial grass lawn.