I Hate Lawn Care

Jack's Artificial Turf InstallationEliminate Lawn Care

Seriously, I just don’t want to participate in lawn “care” anymore. The exhaust and the noise and having a manicured lawn just isn’t practical in every location. I’ve cared for some lawns where grass simply wouldn’t grow properly over the whole surface.

Artificial turf never seemed practical before, and I’ve never noticed in many of the neighborhoods I’ve been to, but I started looking and artificial grass turf is way beyond anything I imagined.

I was looking at a site and because of care considerations and water restrictions in some cities artificial turf has become “common”. I mean I’m aware that things like lawnmower pollution and water conservation are becoming part of important discussions.

With artificial grass turf, you don’t have to worry about those things.

I can also shape artificial turf to completely cover angles in my landscaping and small exacting spots without worrying how am I going to use a weed eater or a lawnmower on my artificial turf in that precarious spot.

But no matter how much I hate lawn care, I’m not sure it’s the right choice. There are lots of benefits. As I said, I’ve been doing a lot of investigating into artificial turf so I’ve found out a few things that I think are really interesting.

For example, the technology that is being used to make artificial turf has really come along recently also. It probably wouldn’t mean much if I used the names of the materials they use to make it now, but the result is durability, a pleasing feel and a grass-like appearance.

There was a time when this stuff was used only in sports fields and then it wasn’t used and now it is being used in sports setting again and then it was in commercial lawns and now it is in more commercial lawns and now it is in residential lawns.

Today, artificial grass turf is designed to look like real grass, it’s designed to drain better than grass and it’s made with material that makes it durable. Artificial turf is fire-retardant and is non-toxic.

Maybe you’re wondering why I haven’t already stated putting down the artificial turf. Why am I so full of questions?

I’m one of those weigh the pros and cons kind of people. I mean I do hate lawn work but if having artificial grass turf is going to make me do a lot of maintenance, too, then maybe I’m better off sticking with the evil I do know instead of switching to the one I don’t (i.e. artificial turf).

I’ve got some decisions to make, I guess. For one, I need to make sure artificial turf is safe for animals. I’ve heard that it’s actually a good choice, but I want to make sure.

There’s also the question of cost when it comes to artificial grass turf. I do all right but I’m not a millionaire by any means. Basically, I’ve got some more research to do on artificial turf. Maybe you do, too.