Fake Grass is the Only Lawn with a Warranty

Were you aware that grass or sod has not warranty? Fake grass has none of the fickle nature of grass seed and live sod along with its tendency of greed for water, no professional contractor will guarantee an organic grass lawn installation.

Read the fine print, you’ll most likely find a line that reads something like,“No guarantee, expressed or implied, on grass seed or sod installations.”

Hmmm. You pay extra for an extended warranty on your computer, the television and the washing machine. So not having to pay for replacement or repair unless you out and out destroy it through abuse is important to consumers everywhere. This rather resounding demand for unquestionable quality and function, like all other common sense, ends abruptly at the lawn.

Unless you have come to the brilliant conclusion that, a completely predictable and reliable lawn, is found only with artificial grass. Now, if by some odd chance you were to find an oddball landscaper who is going to extend a guarantee on an organic lawn installation, it would only cover his work for one year, tops.

Not that you should start looking for such an uninformed person, he could go belly up in California in a matter of weeks! Why even try to find a needle in a haystack (literally) when you can simply have a gorgeous fake grass lawn that will be green and lush without all the ridiculous water waste?

The high quality artificial grass installation firm will give you an incredible 8-year warranty on the fake grass lawn. You can’t beat that kind of guarantee with a stick, and they aren’t going to charge you X-amount extra per year for extending their quality assurance.

Best Buy could only wish to be so finely tuned to customer satisfaction! Why is there such a huge difference in the guarantee between fake grass and the real lawn thing? Well, it’s really very simple…

  • Grass seed that is exposed to extreme temperatures fails to sprout or at best, germinates only in a small portion of the application.
  • Grass seed that does sprout is tender and if it experiences too long of a dry spell, automatically curls up and dies. (Like the day you forget to water or don’t water well enough).
  • Sod that is not watered exactly as specified will rapidly go into stress, dying from the cut edges inward. Most people don’t grasp the notion that sod is a skin transplant and very fragile for the first few weeks. Followed by the constant demand for water to thrive.
  • A drought or an irrigation cease order can kill off new, not well established grass seed or sod lawns rapidly.

If you were a business owner and had to depend on your customers to ensure that all of these fickle and demanding requirements were met, without fail, during the life of your warranty… You wouldn’t guarantee live grass installations either. To do so is financial slaughter waiting to finish you off.

Now from your homeowner standpoint consider just how foolhardy it is to keep sinking all that money left and right into organic grass that could turn on you and turn brown without a moment’s notice. Fake grass just sails right through hot spells without a moment of being parched.

Fake grass also isn’t picky about wet areas, drought conditions, city irrigation cease orders, complete shade… and well just about anything that happens. Plus you have a wonderful 8-year guarantee It is really very mystifying why more people do not have artificial grass instead of unreliable and overly demanding organic lawns.