Jack, CEO of Jack’s Turf

Jack, CEO of Jack's Turf in Los Angeles

Welcome! My name is Jack and I am the CEO of Jack’s Turf. While I was initially skeptical about installing artificial turf, after I played on it for the first time my skepticism quickly turned into confidence.

Artificial grass is great for dogs because it is soft, completely permeable and keeps my paws mud free. It’s great for kids because it’s soft to play on, NON-TOXIC and keeps their clothes grass stain free!  Best of all, it makes the days of lawn mowing and daily watering obsolete. Some Southern California water companies even offer rebates to their customers who install artificial turf. Over half the water consumed by families goes to watering the lawn!

Get your free estimate today so you can save yourself money, time and water! Start enjoying the ease of turf life! – Jack